Buying a house in the Marche

Professional, legal and fiscal aspects

Professional aspects

To buy your new home in the Marche, don't worry about anything because we'll take care of everything!

Our professionals will listen to your needs and budget and create a personalized search for you. Thanks to our consolidated contacts we have access to many selected properties from which you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

We will support you in completing the documentation and paperwork necessary for the entire purchasing process and will put you in touch with a list of local suppliers both to source building materials and furnishings.

Professional aspects Vinci Properties

Legal aspects

Usually buying a property in Italy is relatively simple. However, should a purchase be particularly complex, it may be advisable to hire a professional who can provide the required legal and tax services.

Vinci Properties will introduce you to local bilingual lawyers, specialized in real estate transactions that will help you navigate and benefit from the regulatory system.

Knowing which type of mortgage to request, how much of the value of the property is financed, knowing the tax benefits available to foreigners who take up residence in Italy are just some of the questions that can be answered with legal advice.

Legal aspects Vinci Properties

Tax aspects

When purchasing a property it is important to know all the other expenses you will have to pay. In addition to the cost of the property, there are two further costs to be aware of: purchase tax and the notary fees.

The first must be paid to the notary on the day of the signing of the deeds of sale and depends on the type of seller, whether a private individual or a company, and on the purpose of the purchase, whether for a second home or a main place of residence.
Tax on land is 15% of its commercial value.

The notary's fee is also paid on signing the deeds of sale and is usually between 1 - 2.5% of the purchase price.

Tax aspects Vinci Properties